Bassin’ In the Heat of Summer

Catch big bass during the hottest portion of the year By: Colby Simms with Ray Simms Photos by: the Simms Outdoors Team Many anglers daydream about cooling air, falling leaves and the great fishing and hunting in autumn, some anglers distract themselves passing the time on one of the many bass fishing waters across the […]

Bass Mortality and the Tournament Angler

How to Keep Your Catch Alive Bill Hutcheson   Quite a bit has changed since the inception of organized bass fishing tournaments in the late 1960’s.  Equipment, techniques and the tournaments themselves have all taken quantum leaps forward into their present day form.  Perhaps the most significant and beneficial change to the face of bass […]

Burn-Out Syndrome…

Reprogram With the Basics By Charlie Weyer Every pro and competitive angler worldwide goes through highs and lows in their fishing careers. The highs come with the excitement of doing well and winning and the lows come when you’re not doing so well and blanking, this is a given, in our sport as in every […]

Motel Room in a Bag

Motel Room in a Bag By Linda Berry “Now remind me again why I do this,” I mumbled to myself as I struggled to a standing position from the air mattress that had lost its support overnight. I slowly slid my feet into my clogs and searched for the zipper pull on the door of […]

Bass Angler Magazine Debut

Press Release Bass Angler Magazine Debut FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Mark Lassagne Bass Angler Magazine (925) 362-3190 Bass Angler’s Guide changes to BASS ANGLER San Ramon, CA, July 1st 2010 – Bass Angler Magazine As the third issue of 2010 hits the streets; the fastest growing bass fishing magazine announced today that it […]

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