2014 Fred Hall Show

2014 Fred Hall Show Batson Booth #1205


2014 New Products:

  1. TexTouch™ Reel Seat
  2. RainShadow™ Revelation™ Rod Blanks
  3. ALPS™ Aluminum Trigger Reel Seat
  4. RainShadow™ RX6™ Rod Blanks

Giveaway Daily Raffle:

  1. RODS! Custom built from the finest builders around! Two per day, Three on Sunday!
  2. Kids 15 and under! FREE BUILT ROD! Two per day!

About Batson:

Build to Fish!

Batson Enterprises had a humble start back in the 1980’s by the late Bob Batson building
custom rods in his living room. This avid fisherman, motivated by his angling passion, created
fishing rods of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, marking a new era for the Batson
family name. Currently run by CEO Bill Batson our company has grown into the largest
wholesale rod blank and component manufacturer/supplier in the USA. Names like
RainShadow, ALPS and ForeCast are just some of the superior brands guaranteed by
the Batson name. Our proprietary design team, Saber Designs, sets the bar in excellence
on all of Batson backed products. Our clients range from huge international companies
to individual rod builders. Batson’s core reputation of integrity, passion, quality,
and experience coupled with unprecedented products and service to lead the global
industry supporting the next generation of anglers.

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