A safe and natural insect repellant patch Say good-bye to bugs and messy sprays

bug patch

The greatest little invention since…a lot of things actually; The Bug Patch, is a chemical free, transdermal patch that protects kids and adults from mosquitoes, no see-ums and ticks and more. The patch is not only all natural, but also vitamin-based. Offering head to toe protection, the patch sends a stream of Vitamin B1 through the blood stream and then is secreted through the pores as you sweat and masks the odor of carbon dioxide that attracts such insects mentioned above.

The BugPatch, doctor recommended, is convenient to use anytime, anywhere and is perfect for travel.  User friendly, the patch should be applied two or more hours before protection is needed and worn 24-36 hours to insure protection up to 12 hours after it is removed. Children one year or over are protected with one patch however children over 80lbs and adults can wear up to two patches for extreme conditions. The anti-inflammatory agent in thiamin inhibits the allergic reaction to insect bites.

The BugPatch formula, during expected time of use, will not wash off in the shower or pool, has no smell nor will it leave a residue.

Another fabulous, eco-friendly find, The BugPatch is sure to make your travels and protecting your kids easier, safe, and any vacation more enjoyable. It has even been awarded the National Parenting “Seal of Approval.”

The BugPatch can purchased on the website below and is available in packages from 12-72 range form $10 to $45, to suite all your needs.

ransdermal patch that protects kids and adults from mosquitoes,





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