BAM WoW: Fishing the Conditions

Last week’s BAM WoW Wednesday on the Water had Bass Angler’s Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark joining forces with California Delta Adventures guide Rick Rudd to fish the tough conditions on the tidal water fishery. Lassagne explained saying:

We faced a full moon, two days past a front and a minimal tide swing. To combat the circumstances, we sought out areas with moving water and visible tide movement. We adjusted our method and speed. We fished slower and used more natural baits. Since it was after the front, we knew they fish wouldn’t be chasing, so we didn’t really try any flashier or contrasting baits. We stuck with natural colors to match the water color and the vegetation.

After launching in the early morning out of Lauritzen Yacht Harbor in Oakley. Lassagne described how they put their knowledge of the conditions to use on a high outgo;

We started on shallow islands in the main river, flippin’ green colored Beavers in sparse tules. Within five or six casts we put one in the boat about 2 1/2 –lbs. We got several more bites on a chatterbait and a crankbait; but didn’t land any of them.

I tied on a brown watermelon, ½-oz Damiki Mamba Jig. I was using a green color Air Craw as a trailer. In less than three casts I had another one about the same size in the boat.
We followed the islands around targeting shallow areas, very shallow, places the boat probably wouldn’t be able to get if the tide was much lower.

After picking up a white and chartreuse chatterbait that didn’t get bit at all, I switched it up to a more natural shade and got at least ten bites with a green pumpkin. The attraction to this was the more stealth presentation the color change offered; but again I didn’t any hooked, even though two fish hit this with an aggressive bite.

Lassagne explained that he continued to use the moving bait to find the fish; and although he wasn’t landing them, the bites let the anglers know where the fish were. They capitalized on the information by then following up with a slower offering. Lassagne explained the green Beaver was again a hit and then discussed more about their location.

The key was staying in open water areas, as long as the tide was moving. We stayed away from less moving, big expanses and stuck to areas with current. We hopped around in a bit in the bigger water, north of Sherman. We followed the rule of thumb to fishing flats on the higher tide and edges, ledges and structure on low tide.

I got a 4-lb’r targeting holes in shallow areas… not punchin’ but actually getting into two-foot holes within the vegetation. Shortly after that, I picked up a 3-lbr on a chatterbait in a perfect ambush spot. We each got a few more bites on slow moving baits; but it was obvious the green Beaver was the best of the day.

We had 20 or so fish before the switch, with our best five going for 19-lbs. The best bites came right after the switch and tapered off. We missed over 15 on the chatterbait.

If your company is interested in hosting a day on the water with Bass Angler Magazine, contact Lassagne at his email.




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