BAM’s Last Fall Hook-Up

With the Fall 2011 issue of Bass Angler Magazine about to hit store shelves and mail boxes around the country, Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne offered some good news, “The distributor has allowed one more day until I have to turn in the final subscriber’s list for the last issue of 2011 and I am passing on the extra day to customers.”  It is your last chance to hook up a fall subscription with BAM.

For those looking for a bass angling mag with more articles than any other bass magazine, look no further. You’ve found BAM.

The Fall 2011 issue features Elite Series pro Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis on the cover and is chalk-full with nearly three dozen bass fishing articles and over 100 tips to help anglers catch more and bigger bass. In this issue anglers can look forward to fishing info that will enlighten anglers on some of the senses of bass, sound and scent.

This issue will also broaden horizons on moon phases, fluorocarbon and boat buying. Lifestyles of pro anglers line the pages and include Jimmy Houston, Ish Monroe and Fred Roumbanis. Destination stops show Washington, Louisiana and Arizona.

Tactics and techniques range from fall fishing with Elite Series pro Chad Morgenthaler to seasonal swimbaits with big bass hunter Matt Allen and FLW pro Sean Stafford showing off Fall jerkbaits, while another Elite Series pro Jeff Kriet gets into lipless crankin’.

Other Autumn angling articles are;

• Fall Crankin’
• Fall Finessin’
• Fall River Smallies
• Fall Spinnerbaits
• Fall Tidal Bass
• Jigs & Worms
• Trolling for Bass

To hook yourself up with a subscription to Bass Angler Mag and still receive the last issue of 2011, act now. The subscriber list for fall ends midnight on Tuesday, August 30.




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  1. Hi Evan,

    You’re good until the Summer of 2013 and the fall issue will be mailed by next Monday.


  2. Evan Moore says:

    Is there anyway to look to see if I signed up for the fall issue, I think I am but it took awhile for my check to get posted on my account.

  3. Hi Chuck,

    I just checked and your on schedule to receive the fall issue.

    We appreciate your business.


  4. chuck marcoe says:

    9/6-11 i goofed when i filled out the web site subscription form i didnt notice that there was an option to start with the current issue. i wonder if i could. if not, where could i get the fall issue? is there someone that could handle something like this? i tried to save to my computer where i found the opportunity to on the website,but when i tried to follow the instructions the click didnt work.the image didnt appear-it startedto but it never did so — i am at sixes and sevens about solving my dilema. i hope that you can somehow help me.–chuck marcoe

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