From Innovative Baits to Game Changing Hooks, Matzuo America® Creates Fishing Success

South Sioux, NE (July 2012) – Matzuo America®, an innovator of products for the recreational and avid angler, is introducing seven new products at the 2012 ICAST show in Orlando, Florida, July 11th through the 13th.

The KINCHOU Minnow, expertly designed and tested by Matzuo’ s own tournament staff, is making a splash on the hard bait market with its unique “panic attack” wobble action, high pitched rattle and trophy-catching, curved body with “bloody red gills” and a uniquely shaped lip. The KINCHOU Minnow is available in twelve attractive colors including a 2 inch KINCHOU NANO .

Matzuo America® adds a new NANO hard bait to their already successful line with the NANO Deep Diver, designed to mimic smaller, bite-sized baitfish at just 1.75 inches in length. Featuring lifelike, 3D-eyes and a highly-reflective prism finish with black-chromed Matzuo® hooks, the NANO Deep Diver provokes fantastic strike responses from trout, perch, panfish and bass.

The new Zen™ Series Kamikazi Spinnerbait is designed to be seen and heard, with solid brass blades and a premium, stainless-steel, ball-bearing swivel that provides flawless rotation on any of the six top producing colors.

A new Hayate Crank Shad for game fishermen is a must have with its deep diving capability of up to twelve feet with a rattling, tight swimming action and a wide wobble action for kicking up the bottom. With its distinctive red “MEAN” eyes and heavy-duty black nickel Matzuo® treble hooks, the Hayate Crank will deliver on bass, pike and walleye.

In the Matzuo® soft bait category; the new Swim Shads bring the term “lifelike” to a whole new level. The Swim Shads have an excellent realistic swimming action with enticing tail-thumping action. The internal prism creates maximum flash and light reflection making this fish-fooling bait perfect for a wide range of applications. Swim Shads are available in two, three or four inch sizes and five different color variations.

Matzuo America® rethought the fishing hook with its unique Sickle® Hook design that allowed hooks to be simultaneously finer and stronger while allowing for faster penetration.  The acute angle bend below the hook point also holds a fighting fish more firmly than regular hooks, thus reducing frantic fish getting off the hook. Matzuo® Profit Hawg DSH25 Series puts the top selling hooks in 25-packs at one-third the price of comparably competitive hook sets.

The Death Roll Hook features Surudio-sharp, chemically-etched needlepoint tops with built-in strength to keep the hook firmly planted in the fish’s mouth, even if the fish jumps or makes a run. The Death Roll Hook is a premium hook; far more effective than other hooks of the same dimension.

The Drop Shot Hook is a one-of-a-kind hook that features a swivel in the eye, allowing the hook to rotate 360 degrees without creating any line twist.

All the new Matzuo America® products can found at and seen at Booth #859 at the 2012 ICAST show in Orlando, Florida.

For more information or to become a Matzuo Retailer contact Matzuo America at 1-800-941-2029 or online at

About Matzuo America:

Matzuo America is the premier name in innovative terminal tackle. Matzuo Sickle hooks, rigs, spinners, jigheads, wood baits, hard-baits, soft-baits, kits and gifts attract fish and fishermen alike. From freshwater to saltwater, from east to west and north to south, Matzuo is a name everyone recognizes as the ultimate in big fish catching equipment at affordable prices.





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