3 Ways to Put Your Old Plastic Rigs To Use

Sweet and Weedless Carolina Rigs You think the Carolina Rig is a super-slow technique involving barely noticeable pulls of the rod and pauses long enough to read a chapter of Steven King’s new novel, “Dr. Sleep.” Heck, sometimes your pauses are long enough you actually fall asleep. There are times when you do need to […]

Lesson learned in the B.A.S.S. Elites

My rookie season on the Bassmaster Elite Series has been nothing short of a dream come true. Now at the end of the season I have made six Top 50 cuts and qualified for the 2015 Bass Masters Classic. My best finish came at the last stop of the year at the Angler of the […]

When it’s Go Time, Have These Go To Lures

BAIT #1 The flipping jig has been a tried and true staple for bass anglers for many years, but for some it has fallen by the weigh side for Texas-rigging a variety of soft plastic baits. Although the Texas-rig may sometimes garner more bites, the jig is commonly referred to as a big bass bait. […]

Don’t Underestimate The Split Shot Rig

Background The split shot rig was designed years ago when anglers wanted to use a “finesse” Carolina rig. We are all familiar with the standard Carolina rig in which we usually use big weights and big baits. But the split shot rig is the exact opposite: small weights and small baits. Both are fished virtually […]

Southern Topwater with Scott Martin

“Winter in the South is a heavy pre spawn and spawn time,” said Martin. “It can depend on how far south you are, but for example at Okeechobee, the spawn is in full effect in January. If you go further north, to the Florida Georgia line, it doesn’t start until late February or the 1st […]


Keys can vary from lake to lake depending on location, but I will get a general sense that winter is here from the baitfish and the bites of the bass,” he said. “My first indicator is when I have been getting bit shallow and that starts to die off. When that happens, I will start […]

Sportsman’s University Offers Hands-On Sonar

Are you a boater with one of the latest and greatest “high tech” fish finder units, but can’t get it to give up its secrets? We set out together to solve that at Gone Fishin Marine on Thursday, the 19th of February at 6pm! Len Vinci, of Johnson Outdoors will lead us through a dynamic […]

Go slower for tempting winter lunkers

“Winter is perhaps the easiest time to search for bass,” said Mark Menendez, a professional bass angler from Paducah, Ky. “The primary search is limited to the main lake. Bass will be in shallow areas with deep water access next to it. Riprap, natural rock points and ends of bluffs are likely areas to find […]

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